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I'm Diane Tegarden, a freelance writer living in Pasadena, with my 6 furkids. I've been a print journalist since 1992, writing on a wide range of subjects including; renewable energy, environmental concerns, holistic health, women’s issues, and Native Spirituality. My work has been printed in: The Pasadena Star News, Security Sales Magazine, The Pasadena Weekly, The Solar Flare, The Feral Forest, The Daily Sundial (CSUN’s daily newspaper), the West Coast Well Being, Yahoo Content and Health Breakthroughs. Since 2005, I’ve written for two online content producers, Yahoo Content and The 


My publishing company, FireWalker Publications, was formed in 2004 to promote my passionate, original written works, ideas and creations. In April 2004, I published my first book, “How to Escape a Bad Marriage– A Self Help Divorce Book For Women,” which provides step by step instructions on how to achieve financial and emotional independence in preparation for a divorce.  


My first poetry book, "Light Through Shuttered Window" was published December 2007; it’s a compendium of my poetry about life, love and the creative process. In February 2008 I completed my third book, “Anti-Vigilante and The Rips in Time”, a science fiction novel set in the distant future, involving Senselles, MagicoMathematicians and the MOB. One of the scientific highlights of the novel features OTEC, a renewable energy that dynamically changes the face of the planet.


My second self help book “Budgeting on a Dime: 10 Steps to Financial Independence” was completed in October 2012, and is available both in paperback and eBook formats. My next foray into writing “How to DO it Yourself…A-Z” is a collection of my many self-help articles and was released in ebook format in 2015.


I'm a serial entrepreneur, being of independent spirit and mind. When I see something that needs doing, I do it, and that’s what led to creating my own business. I enjoy researching all the subjects that interest me, and then writing about what I've learned so I can share that information with the world at large.


My hobbies include: planting flowers, trees, vegetables and herbs (whatever I fancy for the season). I love to write letters and compose cards to friends and family, and do crossword puzzles to relax. I enjoy watching movies, and have a large collection that I'm constantly adding to.

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