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“Light Through Shuttered Window is the kind of book that allows you a true glimpse into the soul of the writer. You laugh, you cry and when you finish you realize that life is a lot like an amusement park. There are the gentle ups and downs of a carousel ride and the steep emotional drops of the roller coaster all captured in her well written poems.”


Marsha Eastwood


“Diane Tegarden writes across genres. Her latest effort delves into another planet and shows how society is changed by the use of renewable energy production. She delicately explains the beauty and folly of the human condition through some innovative ideas like a “re-imaging” machine that will enable people to relive emotions and experiences from their past. Throughout the book, Tegarden interjects her native spirituality, detailing some of the rituals and dances of her native faith.”


Pam Osbey

Blog Talk Radio Show Hostess

Lambkin Walters Lavender Publishing

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